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Raise More Money at Your Golf Tournament

Add entertainment and value to your event at no cost to you!

Drone Drive

Bring the WOW factor to your golf tournament with the new and innovative Drone Drive! The drone will fly one golf ball for each group to the green on a designated Par 4 for a chance at a Hole in One! The more the group donates, the lower the drone hovers over the hole before releasing the ball. Regardless of where the ball lands the Drone Drive won’t disappoint. Our experienced Flight Crew will engage your golfers, raise funds for your cause, and expedite pace of play.

Gateway Golf Group will work with your organization to determine a donation structure to maximize your fundraising efforts. A custom launch pad is included with this contest, so you can sell it as a sponsorship to make additional revenue.

Launching Fore Charity

The Golf Ball Launcher is a BLAST and gives your outing attendees something to talk about. Everyone can participate in the launch. We have had people participate standing up, laying on the ground, sitting in a chair, and even a 9-year old has launched! The launcher has absolutely no kick back.

Our team will set up on a par 4 with a distance between 300-350 yards. For a minimum donation, players get to launch our custom golf ball down the fairway to land on the green for a chance at eagle. We run a closest to the pin contest and provide a prize for the winner.

*Additional launcher contest options available

Trackman Experience

Our Trackman Experience uses the same, best-in-class technology and data the tour pros use to capture 2 video angles of a person’s swing with 9 key data parameters including:

  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Carry
  • Height
  • Landing Angle

After the event, emails are sent to each player and include a data report, leaderboard, and video.

Our Trackman Experience is an attractive option to sponsors. Leading up to, and preceding each event, golfer’s repeatedly view sponsor logos on all player communication and reports.

Pros Fore Charity

Our Pros Fore Charity programs provide your tournament participants a unique and entertaining experience through utilization of top-performing touring professionals. A variety of contests are available, but our most popular contests include our “Beat the Pro” Par 3 Challenge and “Pro for Hire” Par 5 Advantage.

Your participants will have a great time engaging with our experienced touring professionals. They are friendly, skilled and exceptional at fundraising. Gateway Golf Group will work with your organization to determine the best contest or activity that aligns with your event objectives. Both male and female professionals are available.

Super Ticket

The “Super Ticket” is a combination participant activity and fundraiser. It consists of a bundled package price for traditional fundraising items typically offered at registration. The primary purpose is to encourage the participant to purchase everything in one stop, so the golfers are not asked for money throughout the day. The concept is to make the price of the ticket below the value of all the components. The more items included with the ticket, the higher the face value.

Gateway Golf Group will work with your organization to develop a customized Super Ticket to meet the specific needs of your organization as well as assist with establishing a price point. Gateway will develop, print, and sell your custom branded Super Tickets for you.

Drone Drop

For this fun raffle-style event, participants enter the contest by purchasing a golf ball with a unique number on it. Then, at a designated time, we drop a large number of golf balls over a golf hole from our drone. The owner of the ball(s) closest to the hole wins a prize!

Often referred to as Golf Balls From Heaven or Golf Balls From Above, a golf ball drop raffle makes an excellent fundraiser event. The premise is straightforward. You sell numbered raffle chances based on the winner being the closest to the target’s center in a drop of numbered golf balls. The cascade of several hundred golf balls plummeting toward the target has great spectator appeal.

Hole Hecklers

With Hole Hecklers, you get two professional comedians – brought to you by the Hole Hecklers Sports Network – to set up at a hole and roast your golfers as they tee off. Please think of us as the funniest hazard on the course! AND one that will raise even more money for your fundraiser.

Your sponsored hole will be the most talked about of your tourney! Whether participants pay for silence as they tee off ($hut the Buck Up) or pony up extra for the disruption of their partner — or rival — (Dough of Di$traction) – a good time will be had by all. ​ Don’t worry – It’s all in good fun – and for a good cause. Our professional comedians are seasoned and understand where to draw the line. Nobody gets hurt.

After the tournament, our comics can assist with a hilarious presentation of prizes – emceeing an auction or roasting the corporate management team. Hole Hecklers Golf Entertainment is “Taylor Made” for your golf tournament


Contact us to customize hole contests/fundraisers for your event.

Benefits of Our Fundraising Programs:

  • Zero risk or financial obligation

  • Requires no effort on your part

  • Average participation rate of 90%

  • Sell as a sponsorship opportunity

  • Contests are fun, unique and interactive

  • Great for all ages

  • We do all of the fundraising

  • Speeds up pace of play

  • Easy to incorporate at any golf course

Our successful fundraising programs have generated millions in charitable donations!