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Tournament Contests

  • Drone Drive

    The drone is your driver for this hole. Based on your donation is how high the golf ball is dropped from above the pin. 

  • Golf Ball Launcher

    Players shoot a golf ball out of the golf ball launcher 

  • Beat The Pro

    Beat the pro to be entered to win a prize. Lose to the pro and you get to play their shot. 

  • Pro For Hire

     Long Drive Pro hits your drive for you. 

  • Hole-in-One
    This contest is held on a par 3. Prizes range from cash winnings to new automobiles and more. If a contestant makes a hole-in-one they win the prize offered at that hole. Some tournaments will have the prize donated from a local company. If your event cannot have the prize donated, have the hole-in-one contest guaranteed for the value of the prize. You can sell a hole-in-one sponsorship to cover these costs and add to your profit at the same time.
  • Break the Glass
    This is a skills challenge where the individual golfer will try to “Break the Glass”. Typically using foamcore we can add a sponsors logo to the “glass” for maximum exposure. Maybe add the CEO’s picture. Participants can win a prize or gain an on course advantage. This contest can be done on the driving range prior to the event or on a specific golf hole through the course of play.
  • The PuttSkee

    Golf and skeeball join forces to make the world’s most portable putting game. Assign advantages or give away prizes if you make it into certain hole. 

  • Plinko

    Play the famous Plinko game for a chance to play for an advantage, like a free mulligan or moving their ball closer to the hole, or a prize. 

  • Spin The Wheel

    Spin the wheel for a chance to advance, excel or win a prize. 

  • Roll The Dice

    Roll oversized dice and the person in the group with the best roll gets to take that advantage. Roll a 6 or lower the team gets to move to the ladies tees to tee it up. If they roll 7 or higher the team advances to a 150 yard marker in the middle of the fairway to tee it up. If they roll doubles they go to an area 75 yards from the green to chip from. 

  • Speed Hole

    Teams are timed from tee off to hole out, usually on a par 3. The fastest time wins and this team is announced at the conclusion of the tournament. 

  • Ball Drop

    Win a fabulous prize if your numbered ball is 1st, 2nd, 3rd closest to (or in) the hole when dropped onto the green. The Ball Drop can be done with a helicopter, hot air balloon, firetruck ladder, construction equipment, drones, or other aerial devices.

  • Putting Contest

    Multiple options 

  • Shootout

    The shootout is a new concept and a high-profile event at golf tournaments everywhere. It works like this: one to four golfers are chosen to go back to the 9th or 18th fairway after golf has been completed. They may be chosen at random, or some events will choose the closest to the pin contest winners. Each of the golfers will have the chance to make a hole-in-one for a much larger prize than offered in the traditional hole-in-one contest. Prize values can be as high as $1,000,000!! This is a great opportunity to gather all the participants outside after golf and before the dinner/awards ceremony. This is another opportunity for a sponsor to gain tremendous exposure and for you to make more profit. 

  • Flop Wall

    Golfers will attempt to chip a golf ball over a 10 foot wall from a challenging short distance — CLOSEST TO THE PIN WINS A PRIZE. The purpose of the challenge is to get as close as you can and hit the ball over the wall, but keeping the ball close to the other side of the wall as well once you hit it. Golfers will enjoy participating and watching others attempt this fun, but challenging feat! 

  • Random Club Challenge

    On the tee box, make everyone reach into a bag and pull out a slip of paper. That paper tells them the name of the club they must tee off with… and then play out the entire hole with only that club. 

  • Chippo

    A chipping contest using cornhole boards. 

  • Inflatable Golf Dart Board

    The most fun and exciting golf game ever invented! Golf Darts with a massive blow up dart board. It’s the perfect game for all ages and golfing abilities. 

  • Pinball
    Pump up the fun at your next golf event with this vintage-inspired pinball game. Participants will step right up to shoot the ball into action for a chance to win a prize or on-course advantage! Pinball game can be branded with a sponsor logo.
  • Hole Hecklers
    Professional Comedians turn one hole at your tournament into a content appropriate Comedy Roast, and they do it all for charity.

Easy Add-Ons

  • Skirt Hole/Pink Tee Advantage

    Men hit off one ladies tee box of their choice; Women hit zero off of one ladies tee box of their choice. 

  • Daly/Tiger Drive

    Move your ball up 350 Yards on a designated hole. 

  • Putting String

    Use the string for an advantage putt on a hole of your choice. Use the string to advance your putts, if you don’t use all of the string the first time, tie a knot and reuse until you run out of string. 

  • Go Fore The Green

    Every golfer who hits the green on the designated hole wins a prize. 

  • Poker Hands

    Play against a volunteer for a chance to excel with a Royal flush. 

Premium Enhancers

  • Carnival Games

    Bouncy Houses, Dunk Tanks, Hi Striker, Photo Booths, Mechanical Bulls, Obstacle Courses, etc… 

  • Vendor Holes

    Beer, Wine, and Alcohol Samplings, DJ’s, Cigar Rollers, Restaurant Samplings, Food Trucks, Food Carts, etc… 

  • Beer Pong Golf

    Beer Pong + Corn Hole + Golf = Awesome 

*Some contests may require prizes from the event organizers

**Some contests may require volunteers associated with the event to run contests

Contact us to customize hole contest/fundraisers for your event