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Gateway Golf Group Announces New Golf Ball Launcher!

Gateway Golf Group is proud to introduce their new Golf Ball Launcher!  This awesome new product is now available for charity golf tournaments, fundraising associations or as a fun activity for group outings.

What is it all about?
Gateway Golf Group provides golfers with an exciting interactive game while raising funds for a charity or raising brand recognition for your company.

How does it work?
You have several different options to choose from.

Par 4 Closest to the Pin:
 Our team will set up on a par 4 with a distance between 300-350 yards. Players get to launch our custom Golf Ball down the fairway to land on the green. The closest to the pin will then proceed to putt for Eagle. We will also run a closest to the pin contest and provide the prize for the winner!

Par 5 Challenge:
 We can also use the launcher as a par 5 challenge where we set up a spot in the fairway and players will try to reach that mark as closest to the mark contest. From there they will chip onto the green with the opportunity to play the par 5 two under par. We will also run a long drive contest and provide the prize for the winner!

Stand Alone Contest: We can host stand-alone contests on the driving range for a fun and interactive shoot-out, break the glass, hit the target, or long drive competition.

Night Flight:  Adding another dimension of fun to stand-alone contests at night with glow dart golf balls!

How do you raise funds?
You determine a set amount to be collected from each player depending on the demographics of your group.

Costs to charity or group?
There is no cost or financial obligation to have us participate out at your event. The revenue raised during the contest will be shared between us and the charity or group.  We work hard to raise as much money as possible for your organization. We also can attend your event for a set amount where the group wants to provide the Launcher for no cost to its participants.

Do you provide a prize of gift?
We will provide a prize for the winner of the closest to the pin on a par 4 or par 5 challenge.  We will also provide a prize for any stand-alone contests you choose to host at your event.  If you have a sponsor at your tournament who would like to give out a promotional item – we can do it for them.

What do you need from us?
All we need is an event commitment. We will help you choose the best hole location. On the day of the tournament the course will need to provide a golf cart and a pin marker – that’s all. Simple right?

Does this slow down the tournament?
No, actually quite the opposite! Players will be getting to the green with the launcher and putt for eagle, which reduces the play by two (or more) strokes.

How many people participate on average?
Our average participation is 85%.

Who can use the Launcher?
Everyone can participate in the launch. We have had people participate standing up, laying on the ground, sitting in a chair, and even a 9-year old has launched! The launcher has absolutely no kick back.  It is fully insured and safe.

Let us help make your next golf tournament, fundraiser, networking event, pairings party, golf clinic, member event or private event more memorable!  The Golf Ball Pro Launcher is a newest, fun and interactive competition that gives your outing attendees something to talk about.

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